A downloadable Mondoj for Windows

The world is very quiet.
It's a world which is unusually quiet.
Staying in this quiet world, I'm floating and being alive.
Nothing is producing sound. Except me, everything is frozen, not moving.
Walking on the street, I am like being inside a gap.
The world I only remain conscious.
Therefore, that's the world I only exist——

Install instructions

This's an adult visual novel which contains pornographic content.
Please don't download it if you're not above 18.

Unzip the file and open "Mondoj_chs.exe " or "Mondoj_eng.exe".
Hope you enjoy it!

NOTICE(2015/8/22): If you come across the problem that the Microsoft SmartScreen blocks you from running the game, click "More info" then "Run anyway". We promise that the game file contains no virus or anything that will damage your computer. We are so sorry for the inconvenience.


Mondoj / Chinese Version 1.0 106 MB
Mondoj / English Version 1.0 106 MB


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The art in this is beautiful, though there isn't much. Unfortunately I honestly have no idea what's going on with the story. The English translation seems to be Google Translated, and it's almost incomprehensible, and where it does make sense, it seems comical because of how bad the translation is. The writing seems to be poetic, and I'd love to play this in it's original language if I could understand it, but for now I guess I'll just hope for a better English translation.